Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

You may be asked by a clinician to monitor your blood pressure at home.  This usually entails taking your blood pressure twice per day, every morning (around 9am) and every evening (around 6pm) for 7 consecutive days. 

Ways to submit your Home Blood Pressure Readings

Submit online via email

You can save and complete the below worksheet at home and then send the completed form to darwinmedical.practice@nhs.net 

  1. Click the below link
  2. Save the worksheet to your computer
  3. Complete your daily Blood Pressure Readings and document on the sheet
  4. Send the completed sheet via email to darwinmedical.practice@nhs.net 

Submit a Paper Copy

If you aren't able to submit your readings via the online link or email you can drop your results into one of our 3 branches.  

You can print the below worksheet at home or ask for a printed copy at reception


Submit online via a link

The practice may send you a text message requesting you submit blood pressure readings with a link to an online form. 

Simply follow the instructions and use the same link to submit your results each day. 

If you don't have a Blood Pressure Monitor

The practice has a small supply of blood pressure monitors that we are able to lend to patients (subject to availability). Please speak to one of our reception team if you require the temporary use of a blood pressure monitor. 

Please note - The practice will require a £ deposit that is refunded when the monitor is returned

Hypertension / Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Service

Did you know that all adults, with or without a prior diagnosis of hypertension can be referred by a general practice for the measurement of blood pressure? The availability of ambulatory monitoring in community pharmacy can reduce the time patients need to wait for diagnosis and/ or treatment.

The pharmacist or pharmacy technician will conduct a face-to-face consultation in the pharmacy consultation room (or other suitable location if the service is provided outside of the pharmacy) and will take blood pressure measurements 

All test results will be sent to the patients’ registered general practice.

Pharmacists will alert GP practices as per the service specification where high, or very high readings are detected.